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Figuring stuff out and learning new things is what I like. I have several projects going on at all times – using my hands is as much important as using my brain.

As a student, I used to refurbish old furniture as a way to clear my mind after exams. Now it’s gardening that relaxes me – and making soda with ingredients from my garden.

A lot of my spare time is spent weeding and digging holes for yet another California native plant I discovered and decided to must have in my garden. In the meantime, a bare acre of land has developed into a nice little wildlife habitat and I am forever surprised and delighted how many different birds and butterflies you can attract by simply providing them with the right plants and some water.

Starting my day I go running with my two pugs – maybe the most athletic pugs around – I certainly have a hard time keeping up with them.


These days I primarily promote and consult in energy-efficient and sustainable building methods – using the Passive House Standard.

I am especially interested in converting our existing building stock into ultra-energy efficient and comfortable buildings using the Passive House EnerPHit step-by-step methodology for retrofits.

In February 2019 I finished the first step of a step-by-step EnerPHit Retrofit plan at my own 1948 Ranch home. I learned a lot from the experience and will use my findings to promote EnerPHit step-by-step as a superior method for energy efficient retrofits to the industry, including owners, utilities, municipalities, and everybody who is interested in energy efficient building renovation.

To enable many more professionals and homeowners, I will provide an online training course in early April 2019 that teaches the fundamentals of Passive House. The course was originally developed by the Passive House Institute in Germany. I partnered with the Institute to adjust the course to U.S. norms and customs.

I graduated with a master’s degree in Business and Information Technology from University of Stuttgart, Germany and came to the U.S. to join one of the biggest U.S. consulting firms at the time.

In the meantime, I got myself educated in building science and got a few certificates as LEED AP, WELL AP and Passive House Consultant.

It is a pleasure to serve as the treasurer on the Passive House California Board of Directors to help make a difference.

Hempcrete Ingredients
In 2014 I managed a 900 sq ft addition to our home, The Ranch. In the process I receive the first building permit for a sustainable building material, called Hempcrete, on the West Coast. This experience was the trigger for me to become part of the green building industry.
Exposed Hempcrete Wall
Ranch Passive House Insulation
In February 2019 I finished the first step of a step-by-step retrofit project based on the Passive House EnerPHit Standard to modernize our home. I am working on a case study and fun blog, which I will post soon. Stay tuned!
Ranch Passive House Gutex


University of Stuttgart, Germany

  • Diplom Kaufman, technisch orientiert

Business Administration and Information Technology (equivalent to a U.S. Master’s Degree)

  • CPHC – Certified Passive House Consultant  |  Passive House Institute, Germany
  • LEED AP BD+C – LEED Accredited Professional for Building Design and Construction
  • LEED AP Homes – LEED Accredited Professional for Homes
  • WELL AP – WELL Accredited Professional – International Well Building Institute, NY
  • RESET ASP – RESET Accredited Service Provider  |   GIGA U.S.
  • Certificate in Environmental Technology  |  El Camino College, CA
  • Certificate in Arts Administration  |  New York University, NY
Beate Kirmse


Let’s connect –  beate@beatekirmse.com